“Going for the Gold” – Large Account Sales Strategies with Outcome-Based Selling using Data and Analytics (Insurance Brokers)

In this exclusive video presentation, Rob Ekern (Chairman, TCORCalc®) and Steve Hanrahan (President, Reseco Advisors) discuss how top-level insurance brokers attract and retain larger accounts using outcome-based selling and data to differentiate themselves and gain market share.  Rob and Steve discuss: There is less competition at the top than at the bottom The Combat Zone […]

5 Sales Realities for Insurance Brokers in the New Era of Analytics

If you are a firm that represents itself as an organization providing client outcomes under the banner of a Value Proposition, please ask yourself these questions: Is it my opinion or fact? Can I demonstrate it on a client’s financial outcome using credible data, or is it just my opinion? Do my competitors share the […]

Throw Away Your Hammer and Chisel

 Selling to the Dashboard-Driven Buyer Insurance buyers have entered a new era of sophistication and expectations. I’ll talk more about the dramatic shifts taking place in our industry below. But first, if you have been in the brokerage business long enough, see if you remember some of these “hammer and chisel” gems: Sitting at your […]

How to Attack Your Competitors’ Fatal Flaws

Your Golden Sales Opportunity in the Hard Market Even in the Hardest of Markets, you have a Golden Opportunity to grow your book of business. Market conditions are changing by the day (prices and incomes are going up), and your competitors have been asleep at the wheel for years. Now that the Hard Market is […]

The Million Dollar Question: What is Your ROI?

Many of you have spoken about your ability to provide your clients with risk services and cost reduction programs for years. Some of you have even branded them into a marketing approach to differentiate your firm by highlighting these services. But, sometimes, words are not enough. That is especially true right now as the reality […]

Group Benefits: Cracking the C-Suite Value Code

Every sophisticated middle and upper-middle market C-Suite buyer is now assessing their business advisors and providers with one question in mind: “How has this relationship helped us achieve our business goals?” Many benefits brokers find it difficult to answer this question without referring to the insurance program. Why? Because beyond measuring PEPY/PEPM metrics or comparing […]

The New World of Agents and Brokers

When the healthcare concerns of your prospects and clients abate (and they will), keep an eye out for the brokers and agents who don’t change: They will become irrelevant to their best clients quickly. Every organization will be looking to repair the financial damage caused by the COVID-19  crisis. Everything that can be measured will be. […]

Are You Smart or Old?

We’re directing this edition of the Analytic Brokerage Briefing to one specific broker type: Those of you who are serious about picking up new clients and building your book of business. Here’s a universal truth right now: You will never have a better time to attract new clients. That’s right, I said NEVER. This is a once […]