How to Pluck a Peacock

When you are competing against a much larger brokerage firm on an account, there are several key strategies that you should employ to change the playing field and establish true relevance with the buyer. By focusing on the buyer’s business outcomes and objectives with real data and strategies, you can show the buyer how the feathers of the larger broker (“the Peacock”) are usually just for show. Larger buyers want results and improved outcomes, not another flashy display of features and promises.

Equity Investors Must Recapture Wasted Capital (How to Choose Your Insurance Broker Series)

Investment Bankers and Equity Partners should choose an Analytic Broker to show them how to recapture millions of dollars inside their transactions and acquisitions. How? Through the actual dollars that are currently being wasted in Financial Leakage.

5 Key Points of Sales Analytics

If you are a firm who represents itself as an organization that professes to provide client outcomes under the banner of a Value Proposition, please ask yourself these questions: “Is it my opinion, or fact? Can I actually demonstrate it on a client’s financial outcome using credible data, or is it just my opinion? Does my […]
How to select your insurance broker

The Only Fair Way to Pay Your Broker (How To Choose Your Insurance Broker Series)

As a buyer of risk financing and risk control services, you should know this: Fee-based broker compensation is the only fair way for you to remunerate your broker. Notice I said fair. That means fair to both parties of the transaction. If you do it any other way, one of the two parties (you or […]
Insurance Analytic Broker

How to Tell if You Have Outgrown Your Insurance Broker (How To Choose Your Insurance Broker Series)

If you are like most buyers of risk financing and insurance services, it is difficult to tell when you should consider a change.  You are being called regularly and told that you should consider changing because the caller has the biggest, the best or most efficient Brokerage Firm.  In many cases, you are being told […]