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5 Ways to Prove Your Value to Benefits Buyers

Every C-Suite buyer is assessing whether or not their business advisors and service providers are delivering real value to their operation. They’re asking, “How has this relationship helped us achieve our business goals in quantifiable results?” Group benefit brokers must also answer this question, or risk losing business to a competitor that can. Your answer needs to […]

3 Steps to Measure the Impact of Your Broker Services

Over the years, brokers have convinced themselves that large buyers value processes, and many have embraced the nebulous term “Value-Added Services” to translate their outcomes. Newsflash: Buyers today aren’t interested in features or processes. They want to know how you’re going to help them improve their bottom line and reduce their financial leakage. So here’s […]

How to Pluck a Peacock

When you are competing against a much larger brokerage firm on an account, there are several key strategies that you should employ to change the playing field and establish true relevance with the buyer.

By focusing on the buyer’s business outcomes and objectives with real data and strategies, you can show the buyer how the feathers of the larger broker (“the Peacock”) are usually just for show. Larger buyers want results and improved outcomes, not another flashy display of features and promises.