Target C-Suite Buyers with an IRRESTIBLE Message

Business Improvements, EBITDA GROWTH, and Recaptured Profits.

Selling Outcomes – Not Insurance

Less than 1% of C-Suite Buyers place insurance procurement high on their priority list. They want strategic, operational and financial improvements. 

Why not bring measurable, bottom-line results to the table?

Now, you can.

Don’t just talk about delivering maximum value to your clients.  Prove it.

Speak And Deliver to C-Suite

Competitive Advantage – Agency Differentiation Tools

Obsolete Brokers vs. Analytic Brokers

Capabilities Comparison

Obsolete Brokers

Policy Selection
Claims Handling
Value-Added Services

Analytic Brokers

Policy Selection
Claims Handling
Risk Control and Claims Management - P&C
Wellness and Program Impact - Group Benefits
Business Intelligence
Business Improvements
Improved Decision Support
Certified Data and Analytics
Improved Budgetary Accuracy
KPI Attachment Points

*TCORCalc® provides our platform with brokerage analytics aggregated in the United States.  Analytic Brokers™ provide proprietary business intelligence and improvements using TCORCalc® certified data.


Why Not see for yourself what the entire platform has to offer?

Still on the fence?

4 Important Questions:

  • Isn’t that what you have been trying to do for some time?
  • Are you ready to move from simply providing insurance placements to quantified financial outcomes?
  • Will this give you a competitive advantage?
  • Isn’t this what your largest buyers want?


From the approach, the Analytic Brokerage Platform shifts  the sales conversation away from an insurance transaction to what YOU (and your firm) CAN DO to improve a C-Suite buyer’s business performance.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the questions on the right, it’s time to elevate your game and exceed your buyers’ expectations.

It’s time to Join the Analytic Brokerage Platform.

Top brokerages in north amercia agree

the analytic brokerage platform is a game-Changer

“We wrote a large grocer with $400K in revenues and more in the coming years. Thanks to the Analytic Brokerage Platform we’ve already shown a $500,000 VP in our first 3 months of working with them.”

Principal / Western Brokerage

“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Analytic Brokerage Platform in the past 24 months.”

Top Producer / Midwestern Brokerage

“Our broker delivered the Financial Leakage Report to a prospect that presented significant financial leakage and a plan to recapture it. They walked away with $125,000 in new revenues! Thanks!”

Principal / Eastern Brokerage

Take your Sales to the next level

The gateway to increased revenues lies in your ability to impact a buyer’s business model with quantifiable outcomes.