Changing the Playing Field: Moving the Group Benefits Sale from H.R. to the C-Suite

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Top-performing brokers are capitalizing on a major shift occurring right now in the employee benefits world: the C-Suite is taking over the process of purchasing large group programs using spend projections and metrics to forecast financial impacts. This shift will accelerate in 2019, and benefits brokers who focus on selling to the H.R. department and fail to adapt to the new data-driven C-Suite playing field will become obsolete. We invite you to attend our premier 2019 webinar: Changing the Playing Field: Moving the Group Benefits Sale from H.R. to the C-Suite on January 24th @ 12 Noon EST. The webinar, including the presentation, tools & learning opportunities, and interactive Q&A session, will last approximately 45 minutes. Here’s what you can do to keep ahead of the game in 2019: This FREE webinar will focus on the capabilities and resources needed (right now) to quantify the financial impact of your services and help you sell directly to the C-Suite. You’ll learn how to speak the language of the C-Suite buyer (using Total Cost of Human Capital™), open doors to better opportunities, and win larger clients. Most importantly, you’ll see some tools that are available to help you take your sales approach upstream and make more money in 2019. Don’t miss it!
Note: If you are a Property/Casualty specialist, please forward this invitation to your Benefits leadership team and key salespeople. Thank you.

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About the Analytic Brokerage™ Platform

Leading brokerages and producers across North America choose the Analytic Brokerage Platform to maximize their large account profits, revenues, and growth. Utilizing the latest KPI’s, client metrics, and business intelligence, the Analytic Brokerage Platform is the only system in existence that helps brokers:
  • Quantify a buyer’s financial leakage and true Total Cost of Risk
  • Deliver consistent and meaningful reports
  • Attract and retain larger accounts
The Analytic Brokerage Platform is currently embedded inside many of North America’s leading brokerages who control over $2,000,000,000 of annual revenues.

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