Welcome to the Hard Market Brokerage Production Series
Presented by the Analytic Brokerage Platform™ and hosted by Rob Ekern.

The Hard Market Brokerage Production Series is dedicated to providing Analytic Brokers with sales techniques and market insights to help navigate the ongoing hard market and gain market share on upper-middle market accounts.

Our ongoing series touches on a wide variety of strategies and techniques that will help you and your organization differentiate yourselves from your commodity-based competition.

Here are the current Episodes of the Hard Market Brokerage Production Series

Episode 1
Hard Market Perspectives:

How to navigate the Hard Market with Clients, Competitors, and Carriers (10 min)

Episode 2
Hard Market Broker Control:
How to retain your largest clients during the Hard Market, featuring the Client-Centered Marketing Flowchart (17 min)
>> Get the Client-Centered Marketing Flowchart Here (PDF)

Episode 3
Methods, Cycles, and Fees:
Rob Ekern discusses Hard Market Competition Methods, Commission Cycles, and Fee-based Compensation – The best way to compete for new accounts and to get paid (12 min)

Episode 4
Traps and Opportunities:
Rob Ekern discusses Hard Market Traps and Opportunities – Real examples of the roadblocks to success and how to find your best opportunities (17 min)

About your host: As the Chairman of the Analytic Brokerage Platform™, Rob Ekern has over 40 years of experience as an independent agent, Managing Director of an International Brokerage firm, and now as a top industry consultant on Larger Account production.

Rob has earned multiple production and sales awards during his career and has consulted and trained thousands of brokers across North America.