The Analytic Brokerage Platform is changing the playing field for commercial insurance and group benefits production.
It’s the only Revenue Growth Engine in the industry.
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Section 1 - A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Revenue

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Welcome to Analytic Brokerage – Watch this short introduction to the Analytic Brokerage Platform and the information found in this demo. (~3 min).

Results & ROI

Analytic Broker Client Results – Watch this brief video of our clients’ experience and their ROI using the Analytic Brokerage Platform. (~4 min).


Invite Interested / Key Parties – The Analytic Brokerage Platform is designed for brokerages to elevate their sales teams and resource departments to attract more high-caliber large accounts. Please include key team members in this discussion so they can participate in exploring this opportunity.

Whether you work in Property/Casualty or Group Benefits sales, you’ll need production training to excel in C-Suite level sales discussions around your financial impact. Here’s a small sampling of the robust training the Analytic Brokerage Platform provides:

Section 2 - Property/Casualty - leverage data your competitors can't replicate

Property / Casualty Highlights:

  • Attract larger middle and upper-middle market accounts with an outcome-driven sales process and tools.
  • Quantify your value proposition and translate the results to your buyer’s financial statement.
  • Lock the back door on your competitors with data-certified results they can’t replicate.
  • Gain credit for the financial value of your risk control services and specialty projects.
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Enterprise Cost of Claims – How the Analytic Brokerage Platform uses certified data to measure the complete cost (direct/indirect) of a claims event as it ripples through a buyer’s financial statement. (~5 min).

TCOR 2.0

Total Cost of Risk 2.0 – The Analytic Brokerage Platform provides the only comprehensive TCOR model in the industry. Measure your impact by analyzing a buyer’s complete costs AND the impact of your services. (~2 min).

Section 3 - Group Benefits - differentiate Your Process - Deliver Financial Results

Group Benefits Highlights:

  • Attract larger accounts (250+ lives) with advanced financial outcomes and C-Suite decision support tools.
  • Engage sophisticated buyers with KPI-driven results and accurate cost assessment capabilities.
  • Value the impact of your health programs and services and demonstrate their efficiency in cost reduction.
  • Quickly entice new business using ERISA 5500 filings to build a sense of urgency in the C-Suite.
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C-Suite Urgency

Creating a C-Suite “Sense of Urgency” – How Analytic Brokers use financial metrics (not trend/PEPY) to build a C-Suite-level discussion around buyer Key Performance Indicators during the group benefits sale. (~2 min).


Total Cost of Human Capital – Learn how to correctly measure a C-Suite buyer’s cost structure, financial leakage, and the role of your resources and services in a cost reduction strategy.  (~7 min).

Section 4 - Discover Our C-Suite Ready Revenue Creation Tools

Revenue Creation Tools Highlights:

  • Prospect larger accounts with a proven system.

  • Building a Sense of Urgency in a new buyer.

  • Deliver an outcome-driven new business proposal.

  • Measure the ROI of your impact with existing clients.

The Analytic Brokerage Platform has the tools and reports you need to supercharge your sales process.

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New Business

The Financial Leakage Report – See how brokers are using financial outcomes to engage, create urgency, and close the C-Suite sale. (~4 min).


P/C Version:


Group Benefits Version:



The Value Report – Translate the impact value of your relationship and justify your fees at stewardship to retain sophisticated C-Suite buyers. (~4 min).


P/C Version:


Group Benefits Version:


Section 5 - become a market disruptor - Join the Analytic Brokerage Platform


Grow Your Footprint – See how our clients use the Analytic Brokerage Platform to revolutionize their large account production. (~4 min).

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“We have developed and retained over $1,200,000 in revenue and consulting fees in the past year alone with the Analytic Brokerage Platform and TCORCalc.”

-Principal / Southwestern Brokerage



“We wrote a large grocer with $400K in revenues and more in the coming years. Thanks to the Analytic Brokerage Platform we’ve already shown a $500,000 VP in our first 3 months of working with them.”

Principal / Western Brokerage

“Our broker delivered the Financial Leakage Report to a prospect that presented significant financial leakage and a plan to recapture it. They walked away with $125,000 in new revenues! Thanks!”

Principal / Eastern Brokerage
“You’vehelped us transform our firm’s business model and have re-energized our producers. This business is so much more interesting and fun now.”
Principal / Southwestern Brokerage

“I picked up a $100,000 revenue account on a BOR that was 100% based on metrics, quantifiable impacts and ROI. We were appointed as the broker with just one meeting.”

Top Producer / Southwestern Brokerage

“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Analytic Brokerage Platform in the past 24 months.”

Top Producer / Midwestern Brokerage

“We focused all of our prospect conversations on the financial impact of our resources. We won the account and never spoke about insurance pricing.”

Producer / Top 50 Brokerage