COVID-19 Financial Leakage Estimator for Group Benefits ™

Financial Leakage: per year

Financial Leakage
+ COVID-19 Impact:

How to Read the Charts. Financial Leakage is the additional direct and indirect costs associated with the operational disruptions of claims events. Some factors include: Sick Leave, FMLA, Absenteeism / Presenteeism, and Salary Continuation. The COVID-19 impact is an additional, unbudgeted expense impact based upon national workforce disruption trends.
Please provide the following information for your most current Medical + Pharmacy policy (2019/2020 only). Select the effective date of the Medical Plan + Pharmacy:

What is the Medical Plan + Pharmacy Funding Type?
Select the funding type for the target Medical Plan + Pharmacy.

What is the Total Premium for the Medical Plan + Pharmacy?
Input the total premium amount for the target fully-insured Medical Plan + Pharmacy.
What is the Total Stop Loss Premium for the Medical Plan + Pharmacy?
This amount should include the ASO Fee, Reinsurance, Stop Loss (Specific & Aggregate) Premiums and Broker Fee.
What is the Total Adjusted Claims Amount?
Input the net adjusted claims amount for the target Medical Plan + Pharmacy.

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*Financial Leakage is your estimated amount of your direct and indirect cost of claims. To quantify these expenses we have utilized multivariate study data provided by TCORCalc®. TCORCalc® is North America's leading authority on risk management program analytics and insurance industry benchmarks. For more information, visit