Q. How much does it cost? What is The Pricing Model for the Analytic Brokerage Platform?

The pricing for the Analytic Brokerage Platform varies and depends on your or your firm’s specific needs. We offer two base packages that unlock a majority of the platform as well as additional services and support for additional fees.

Here are some examples of our pricing:

Analytic Broker

(Individual Broker License)

$796 per month

  • Platform Access(P&C or Benefits)
  • Broker License x1
  • Analytic Brokerage Production Training
  • Access to TCORCalc Data and Analytics
New Business Tools:
  • Financial Leakage Calculator
  • Financial Leakage Report
  • Projected Value Estimator (Benefits Only)
Client Retention Tools:
  • The Value Report
  • Project/Resource Tracking System
  • The ROI/Fee Validator

Certified Analytic Brokerage

(Multiple Broker Licenses)

$3,495 per month

  • Platform Access(P&C or Benefits)
  • Broker License x4
  • Administrator Licenses x4
  • Resource Personnel Licenses x2
  • Analytic Brokerage Production Training
  • Access to TCORCalc Data and Analytics
  • Firm-Based Performance Analytics
  • Analytic Brokerage Network Membership
New Business Tools:
  • Financial Leakage Calculator
  • Financial Leakage Report
  • Projected Value Estimator (Benefits Only)
Client Retention Tools:
  • The Value Report
  • Operational Exposure Report
  • Project/Resource Tracking System
  • The ROI/Fee Validator
Advanced  Brokerage Services:
  • Analytic Brokerage E-Marketing Service
  • Lead-Generation Microsite (Branded)
  • Advanced Buyer KPIs (Customizable)
  • Risk Control Project Template Tools
  • Branded Reporting
  • Advanced Concierge Service & Support

The pricing examples above are representative of a month-to-month subscription option and do not include specialty offerings and/or different payment option incentives (upfront annual payment discount, etc.). Services including the Analytic Brokerage E-Marketing Service and Advanced Sales Consulting are also available a-la-carte and may be added to your package.

To begin your service, a refundable deposit for on-boarding and set-up services is required before your no-risk trial begins.

To design your program and get specific pricing and available offers, start your no-risk trial.

Q: We're interested in working with the Platform, what's the Next Step?

After indicating your interest to move forward (here), we will prepare a service contract to meet your needs, including a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and an invoice for the onboarding deposit. The deposit will cover the setup and onboarding expenses and is fully refundable during your trial period if you choose to cancel. 

Once the service agreement, MNDA, and deposit are executed, we will issue your platform licenses.

Q: How does the No-Risk Trial work?

Depending on your service agreement and current promotions, you may be eligible for a no-risk trial period. Contact us for more info.

During that time you will have full access to the Analytic Brokerage Platform and onboarding services. If, for whatever reason, you choose to cancel the service during this period, you will be refunded your onboarding deposit.

Q. Can members of our Resource Team or Support Staff access the Platform?

Yes. We have licenses available for Internal, Resource, and Support Personnel to access the system to support licensed Broker Users. Depending on your needs, pricing will vary.

Q. Can any of our firm's Brokers generate and deliver an Analytic Brokerage Platform Deliverable?

No. A broker must have an active license to access the system, training, and deliverables. The Analytic Brokerage Platform deliverables will be personalized and “stamped” with the specific subscribed Broker User(s) who will be delivering the report.


Q. We already talk about TCOR… How is this Different?

We provide the only complete and actuarially-vetted Total Cost of Risk analysis in the industry. We call it TCOR 2.0 and it provides certified data on soft cost quantification and the valuations of the impact of your resources and client services on a buyer’s financial statement (all other TCOR models don’t/can’t provide this information).

Q. We already have a Stewardship/New Business Report that we use in our sales process. How is the Analytic Brokerage Platform deliverable any different?

Most brokers talk about placement skills, alternate funding mechanisms, and lists of features as their core value proposition.

The Analytic Brokerage Platform tools and deliverables are C-Suite-focused to demonstrate your quantifiable (real dollar) impact on your client’s financial results. This is above and beyond the pricing of insurance. Engaging buyers at this level is far more efficient in the sales process, as you will be offering them business intelligence and decision support tied to the KPI’s they really care about.

Your competitors cannot replicate this. You’ll be approaching sophisticated buyers with a whole new level of insight into their business models and will partner with them to achieve their goals.

Q: Is this the next big Sales Strategy/Gimmick?

Well, no. Our sales process is a data-driven methodology that focuses on the real financial metrics your clients and prospects provide to you. We like to say “data is a tough taskmaster”. Analytic Brokers learn how to engage buyers at the C-Suite level, dig into their business issues, and provide them with meaningful cost reduction strategies that are quantifiable with our platform.

In the end, the results (the numbers) don’t lie. CFO’s across North America choose to work with Analytic Brokers because they aren’t selling anything. They are providing measurable outcomes (a small part of which are the insurance placements).

Q: How do you collect your Exclusive Industry Data?

Our data is provided by TCORCalc, the leading authority on risk management analytics and insurance industry benchmarks. TCORCalc collects data from user firms across North America in real-time and analyzes trends in multivariate studies when published. 

Each of our client deliverables includes a data sourcing profile which outlines TCORCalc’s stringent data-sourcing model, representative industry verticals, and the size of participating firms. For a deeper look into the data collection process, read this.

Analytic Brokerage Platform - Security and Technical Requirements

Q. Do we need to install any new software or hardware to access and utilize the Analytic Brokerage Platform?

No. The Analytic Brokerage Platform is a web-based application. All you need on your end is a browser.

Note: The most common access issue for new users is a strict firewall (on the user end). Your firm’s IT department should be able to help you quickly resolve a firewall issue by creating an exemption for our Platform.

Q. How secure is the Analytic Brokerage Platform and our clients' data?

We have assembled security and data-integrity protocols at every level of interface, so our clients can rest assured that their data is protected. Our server, data center, and web protocols are comparable to those of a major financial services company.

As security technologies and protocols evolve, we review, implement, and upgrade where applicable.

Our Active Security Protocol documentation is available for review upon approved request. 

Q. How long will it take to input / on-board our account data into the Analytic Brokerage Platform?

Depending on the size/complexity of the account, users can enter the data in 45 minutes to an hour. Once the account is in the system, it’s easy to update and keep current (e.g. at renewal). Of course, you must have the following information on hand to complete the account entry process: policy information, recent loss runs, and some basic client financials.

Q. Will the Analytic Brokerage Platform interface with our Agency Management System or CRM?

No. We are currently a stand-alone service. However, we are flexible in our design and may be able to create an Application Programming Interface (API) so that certain aspects of our Platform can “talk” to one of your programs.

This is a specialty project that would require a separate consultation and additional fees to develop and implement.

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“We have developed and retained over $1,200,000 in revenue and consulting fees in the past year alone with the Analytic Brokerage Platform and TCORCalc.”

-Principal / Southwestern Brokerage



“We wrote a large grocer with $400K in revenues and more in the coming years. Thanks to the Analytic Brokerage Platform we’ve already shown a $500,000 VP in our first 3 months of working with them.”

Principal / Western Brokerage

“Our broker delivered the Financial Leakage Report to a prospect that presented significant financial leakage and a plan to recapture it. They walked away with $125,000 in new revenues! Thanks!”

Principal / Eastern Brokerage
“You’vehelped us transform our firm’s business model and have re-energized our producers. This business is so much more interesting and fun now.”
Principal / Southwestern Brokerage

“I picked up a $100,000 revenue account on a BOR that was 100% based on metrics, quantifiable impacts and ROI. We were appointed as the broker with just one meeting.”

Top Producer / Southwestern Brokerage

“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Analytic Brokerage Platform in the past 24 months.”

Top Producer / Midwestern Brokerage

“We focused all of our prospect conversations on the financial impact of our resources. We won the account and never spoke about insurance pricing.”

Producer / Top 50 Brokerage