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Analytic Brokerage Platform


We believe in empowering brokers across North America to attract and retain larger accounts using data-driven and outcome-based sales tools and reports.

We understand it can be hard to break away from the “insurance commodity” sales discussion and differentiate yourself from your competition.

That’s why we’re providing the videos, infographics, and publications below.

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Video Library

“Going for the Gold” Presentation
Featuring Rob Ekern & Steve Hanrahan

“Finding Gold in a Storm”
How to Prosper in the New World of Brokerage

Hard Market Brokerage Production Series

The Hard Market Brokerage Production Series
Episode 1: Hard Market Perspectives:
How to navigate the Hard Market with Clients, Competitors, and Carriers.

The Hard Market Brokerage Production Series
Episode 2: Hard Market Broker Control:
How to retain your largest clients during the Hard Market, featuring the Client-Centered Marketing Flowchart.

The Hard Market Brokerage Production Series
Episode 3: Methods, Cycles, and Fees:
Rob Ekern discusses Hard Market Competition Methods, Commission Cycles, and Fee-based Compensation.

The Hard Market Brokerage Production Series
Episode 4: Traps and Opportunities:
Rob Ekern discusses Hard Market Traps and Opportunities
(with roadblocks to success and how to find your best opportunities.)

Selling Group Benefits Programs to the C-Suite

Creating C-Suite Urgency:
Selling Group Benefits to the C-Suite
(Large Account Sales Webinar)

Moving the Group Benefits Sale from H.R. to the C-Suite
(Large Account Sales Webinar)

Analytic Brokerage: Firm Results & ROI

Analytic Brokerage: Client Reactions & Producer Testimonials

Introduction to Analytic Brokerage

Analytic Brokerage: Client Promo Example


WhitePapers & E-Zines

Why You Need the Analytic Brokerage Platform


Becoming an Analytic Brokerage Platform Member


An Open Letter to C-Suite Buyers of Insurance


Accenture Report

The broker of the future:
Winning in a disruptive environment

84 percent of executives at insurers agree that traditional organizations must evolve their business before they are disrupted.

That means brokers also need to change.

See what it takes to be competitive in a highly-competitive, data-driven marketplace. Read the report today! 

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Client testimonials

“We wrote a large grocer with $400K in revenues and more in the coming years. Thanks to the Analytic Brokerage Platform we’ve already shown a $500,000 VP in our first 3 months of working with them.”

Principal / Western Brokerage

“Our broker delivered the Financial Leakage Report to a prospect that presented significant financial leakage and a plan to recapture it. They walked away with $125,000 in new revenues! Thanks!”

Principal / Eastern Brokerage
“You’ve  helped us transform our firm’s business model and have re-energized our producers. This business is so much more interesting and fun now.”
Principal / Southwestern Brokerage

“I picked up a $100,000 revenue account on a BOR that was 100% based on metrics, quantifiable impacts and ROI. We were appointed as the broker with just one meeting.”

Top Producer / Southwestern Brokerage

“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Analytic Brokerage Platform in the past 24 months.”

Top Producer / Midwestern Brokerage

“We focused all of our prospect conversations on the financial impact of our resources. We won the account and never spoke about insurance pricing.”

Producer / Top 50 Brokerage

Take your Sales to the next level

The gateway to increased revenues lies in your ability to impact a buyer’s business model with quantifiable outcomes.