Reporting – TCOR Analysis & Report

Accessing the TCOR Report

1. Click TCOR Report from the ‘Reporting’ drop down menu. 


Creating a TCOR Report

1. Categorize Policies into Benchmark & Comparison Periods. 


2. Repeat Step 1 until you obtain your desired Value Proposition. 


3. Set the Report Labels, Select the TCOR Report and Click Run. 


4. Save Your Report & Export It to PDF. 


TCOR Report (Legend):

1. Show Training Topics/Help

Select to explore Training Topics and to access the Knowledge Base.

2. Proration Date

Select the most recent origination date of your client data. This will pro rate all annual sales, premiums, and fees to the selected date.

3. Policy Pool

Here is a list of all policies in the selected account available for analysis.

4. Benchmark (Symbol)

Click to move the policy to the Benchmark Policy Pool.

5. Comparison (Symbol)

Click to move the policy to the Comparison Policy Pool.

6. Benchmark (Pool)

A listing of all Policies included in the benchmark time period.

7. Comparison (Pool)

A listing of all policies included in the comparison time period.

8. Value Propoisition Calculator

The results of your benchmark vs. comparison TCOR analysis.

9. Set Report Lables

Customizable time period labels for your TCOR Report.

10. Generate Report

Select your report from the drop down and click ‘Run’ to render it.

11. Historical Reports

A listing of all ‘Saved’ historical TCOR reports.

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