Compete, Win, and Grow

in both the Property/Casualty & group Benefits Arenas

A Revenue Growth Platform for Modern Brokerages

To meet the demands of sophisticated large account buyers, insurance brokerages must evolve their business practices to stay competitive, profitable and relevant in today’s market.

Expand your Large account pipeline

Platform Overview


The 5 Dimensions of the Analytic Brokerage Platform

– Producer Training –

– Client Deliverables –

– Data & Analytics –

– Prospect Development –

– Best Practices –

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Education and sales training

Producer Training

For brokers to engage a buyer at a higher level, it will be necessary that they understand not only how to create a value proposition, but also to demonstrate the impact to the client.
Analytic Brokers receive the training necessary to create and deliver a quantifiable impact that other brokers cannot replicate.
beat your competition and gain market share
Education and sales training Includes:

Differentiation through c-suite reports

Client Deliverables

Using the cloud-based system of TCORCalc, Analytic Brokers are able to demonstrate their impact on a buyer’s business results via a data-driven reporting system.

The focus of these deliverables are a buyer’s EBITDA, margins, shareholder value or (in the case of non-profits) surplus.

Maximize your sales now!
c-suite reports Include:

Improved Productivity

Software Tools

Increase productivity, manage resource capabilities, access exclusive analytics, and increase sales and prospecting success with the Analytic Brokerage ValueSuite of products.

Create replicable and meaningful sales documents, track and valuate projects, and build data-driven firm ROIs.

Expand your Large account pipeline
Productivity tools Include:

Sales and Prospecting Strategies

Prospect Development

Via the Analytic Broker Marketing System, platform members target specific larger accounts and deliver a consistent message.

Target and maturate your top large account prospects with an outcome-focused sales message. Plus, score and track prospect interest and engagement.

Sales and Prospecting Strategies Include:
beat your competition and gain market share

Branding , Differentiation, and Collaboration

Best Practice Development

Brokerages from across North America, based in non-competing markets, share data and best practice for new and renewal income strategies.

Build relationships with fellow Analytic Brokers who work the Analytic Brokerage Platform to attract and retain large accounts.

Branding , Differentiation, and Collaboration Include:

Top Brokerages Across North America Agree:

The Analytic Brokerage Platform is a revenue growth engine

“We wrote a large grocer with $400K in revenues and more in the coming years. Thanks to the Analytic Brokerage Platform we’ve already shown a $500,000 VP in our first 3 months of working with them.”

Principal / Western Brokerage

“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Analytic Brokerage Platform in the past 24 months.”

Top Producer / Midwestern Brokerage

“Our broker delivered the Financial Leakage Report to a prospect that presented significant financial leakage and a plan to recapture it. They walked away with $125,000 in new revenues! Thanks!”

Principal / Eastern Brokerage

Take your Sales to the next level

The gateway to increased revenues lies in your ability to impact a buyer’s business model with quantifiable outcomes.